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About Us

LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN was set up in Pompeii on 2016 by the idea of the Architect Liliana Infante, who has been led by her great passion for the design in different areas, (such as city planning, architecture, and interior design), and by her concept of architecture as historical, social and economic resource.

LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN main activities are the design of spaces custom tailored for man, with specific attention to the matter of integration between architecture and interior design. Such approach marked by both simplicity of lines or volumes, and attention to details or finishing, as well as the choice of materials, leads to the definition of design solutions which shows a great consideration to customer demand and to its personalization according to the needs.

LiNFA ARCHITECTURE DESIGN works by making technical interventions on the existing buildings, such as the renovation of offices, apartments and retail spaces, the restoration and the improvement of rural areas and the energetic requalification of old buildings. Considering our building heritage as a cultural, social, and economic resource, in order to be reevaluated, is the main purpose of each project.

The design process, whether it be ex-novo or renovation and restoration, is inspired by suggestions which come from an accurate survey and study of the building site and its environment, and such suggestions aim to give to the design process the role of “the right answer” to the site’s calling, by giving to the said site a new identity.

Specific attention to the environmental and energetic sustainability is paid through the cooperation with qualified and professional staff.

Discussions of new ideas and researches, as part of the job along with the professional activity, are made by attending national and international events and competitions.

LiNFA ARCHITECTURE DESIGN collaborates with researchers, specialists and national and international professional societies to form working groups on particularly complex issues.