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Architectural Services

Architectural Services: Plan and Facade Design


LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN provides various architectural services. We start from the design which aims to please customer’s expectations and needs with respect to how managing the space to be used and lived. Its main goal is to achieve the quality as final result which must meet customer’s needs.
Apart from the extent of the work to be done, every design is on the one hand an interaction between context, restrictions of building rules and customer’s needs, and on the other hand it is the interpretation of the space to be used and lived.
Due to the concept idea set forth above, the design’s approach begins with a careful survey of the site, followed by a deep work with respect to how the spaces will be used and an accurate study for detail, in order to enhance the space used by the human being, thus creating functional and cozy environments suitable for the individual.
Designing a facade means to design the way in which a building is made. It’s like to wrap a present; to enhance the beauty of it and of which is inside it. In this area LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN inspects, through its creative vision, the endless possibilities of design facades, focusing on the detail attention which makes the difference.

Architectural Services: Interior and Exterior Design


LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN provides solutions for interior layout which match beauty and eco sustainability and reflect the customer style until the smallest detail. The interior design is a very articulate system in which interacts the design of the spaces, light, materials, color, and furniture.
With respect to public spaces we create high quality environments, marked by personal and significant features and they are made according to an own style in order to satisfy the needs of different kind of people to which they are addressed to; while with respect to private spaces we pay specific attention to the individual well-being; the main points of an interior design project are the practical, functional and aesthetic aspects of the spaces.


Architectural Services: Landscape Design


LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN provides high quality to the environment designing gardens and green public areas which both satisfy the customer’s needs and Eco sustainability criteria. In order to design a green area we make use of different competences: architectural, botanical, technological and artistic, which conveniently mixed, are able to create a very open space to be lived. By designing we make the green area, creating custom tailored environments in which there are many and different features such as chromatic combinations, formal compositions, design, fountains, relation between fullness and emptiness, evocative dimension of scents. Due to the use of advanced technologies and methods, we have a range that goes from the most traditional design to the most advanced and modern design, from the creation of private gardens and public green areas to the creation of theme artificial designs, by making use of specific and diverse materials.

Architectural Services: Construction and Contract Works


LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN supports the customer in all work stages, from the design to the construction, looking after various architectural services and even dealing with: the administrative procedures, by submitting the required documentation; energetic advisory (drafting Environmental Sustainability Certifications and Energy Performance Certifications); advisory and real estate assessments (surveys and real estate operations); research and meetings with suppliers; companies selection; making agreements; supervision of works; control of compliance with site security rules as well as drafting Security and Coordination Plans during the design and implementation stage; and supervision over the evolution and the quality of the work done. It provides customer advisory and services in order to satisfy and abide by law and it secures that the design is made according to the design specifications and the budget, providing management services, supervision and coordination in managing the building process.

Architectural Services: Abroad Services


Thanks to the international collaboration with the Iranian company “Farin Andishe Mandegar Construction and Civil Engineering Company”, LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN is able to provide various architectural services, that is the design and construction services to international customers, being able to develop particularly complex issues which cover on one hand the simplicity of the Italian architecture and on the other hand the wealth of the Middle East style.

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